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What Have You Done Today?

October 5, 2006 Posted by admin


I hang my head in disgust. While I would normally be the biggest cheerleader for the promotion of South African music, this nonsense gets us nowhere. What am I talking about you ask? Well…

Last week the geniuses at Absa/Absa’s overpaid marketing firm decided that in order to engender a little more hipness in their corporate image they would commission Danny K and Kabelo to produce a corporate anthem (jingle?) and subsequently press the single and distribute it to all their staff. (side note, it took me a little while to figure out how to rip a CD, haven’t done that in a while.) In addition to the CD, Absa staged a live concert in the JHB CBD for all it’s workers. There was plenty of fanfare and more than a few snide comments I would think.

So, Don, what’s wrong with that you ask? The promotion of SA music? Putting on a concert? All good things? NO! Firstly, listen to the track. It is dogshit. While I know that many of our readers would be able to dismiss this trifle as another example of cheesy, crap, SA pop, for many of the recipients of the CD this may be the only sample of South African music they listen to this year. What a good impression it will make.

And lastly just as a footnote, the idea of such an old school bank like Absa trying to rev up it’s image with a “cool” jingle is so laughable. The whole thing overflows with unintentional comedy. Thoughts?