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Randi Calls Bullshit On Supernatural Speaker Cables

November 17, 2009 Posted by admin


In what has audiophiles everywhere in something of a tizzie; it appears that James Randi’s million dollar prize will be on the line, over the quality of speaker cables! James Randi, an ex-macigian turned paranormal debunker has for many years been offering a million dollar prize to anyone who could prove, in double blind scientific tests, that they possessed paranormal powers.

What does this have to do with speaker cable you ask? Good question. A few weeks ago, Pear released their new Anjou Speaker Cables for a wopping $7250 for a 12 foot pair. Now Pair have claimed a number of unique design concepts justify this ludicrous price: including “Proprietary Hybrid GeometryNever seen before in audio cable design, Pear Cable has developed a new and completely unique hybrid geometry for the ANJOU Speaker Cable.” |

Whatever that means. Although the cables did draw some laughably positive reviewsfrom a few audiophile sites. Well Randi was having none of this nonsense. He states that the outrageous claims (and price) are unjustified and if the human ear could tell the difference between Pear and the nearest competitor, Monster Cables, the cables would be paranormal. After some back and forth it appears that Michael Fremer, a Stereophile Magazine writer, has accepted the challenge (with or without Pear’s consent, this appears unclear) and will be testing the cables against normal Monster cables.

It appears that Randi has run out of real paranormal takers and is starting to take on the world of corporate bullshit. Well, he is certainly going to have his hands full. For my part, I like the initiative. I think we should line up the bogus products, overpriced shams and most importantly that national embarrassment of Danie Krugel. Take them down Mr. Randi, I beseech you.