Don’t Forget

August 1, 2006 Posted by admin


If you’re in the Cape this weekend you shouldn’t be heading anywhere other than to Cloof Wine Estate in Darling for the second installment of the Rocking The Daisies festival.

Thanks to the Muso website, you now know about ‘The Daisies festival’ taking place in Cape Town. You can have an amazing weekend at the festival while you play games at a free online casino.

Ticket Info:
Available online ( or from the outlets below.

The lineup:
Friday 28 September

19:00pm: Love Jones
20:00pm: Rory Eliot and the Reason
21:00pm: Bed on Bricks
22:00pm: Tidal Waves
23:00pm: Max Normal and Associates
00:00am: Goldfish

Saturday 29 September
10:00am: Nungarin
11:00am: Three Bored White Guys
12:00pm: South Paw
13:00pm: Shy Guevaras
14:00pm: Rasthamie and the Warriors
16:00pm: Them Tornados
17:00pm: 12th Avenue
18:00pm: The Beams
19:00pm: Rudimentals
20:00pm: New Academics
21:00pm: Cassette
22:00pm: The Dirty Skirts
23:00pm: Taxi Violence
00:00am: Big Idea
00:45am: Fletcher

Sunday 30 September
10:00am: Restless Natives
12:00pm: Boulevard Blues
13:00pm: jacSharp
14:00pm: Flat Stanley

MC Friday evening: Paul Snodgras
MC Saturday day: Brendan Murray
MC Saturday evening: Martin Evans
Comedy hour 15:00pm
David Newton
Mark Palmer
Paul Snodgras
MC Sunday day: Martin Kintu
Comedy hour 11:00am
Ndumiso Lindi
Nik Rabinowitz
Martin Evans