The Most Eclectic Band On The Planet?

December 6, 2005 Posted by admin

gang2What do you make of a band with a name as cringeworthy as Gang Gang Dance?? That and the fact that they’re making use of some of the cheesiest samples and sound emulations (pan pipes & bamboo flutes) would be enough to make me run for cover, but their debut album “God’s Money” turned out to be one of my favourites from 2005. Beyond the ostensibly naïve approach to soundscapes and the tribal drum sensibility lay a subtle retooling of pop dynamics – a strange approach to juxtapositions and sequences which spoke more about the upside of globalisation than the waning relevance of “world music”.

And now their new “Rawwar” EP takes this to the next level – a frenetic mash-up of musical motifs that signposts the inevitable confluence of cultural identities in a shrinking, media-saturated world. Furthermore, somewhere in there is ragga/kwaito hybrid beat which may give a local artist or two some food for thought – brought to us all the way from New York.